Our team


Dominika Putyra

Dominika dała nam się usidlić jako kelnerka, niestety tylko na pół etatu. Ma tyle pasji i zajęć, że 10 wieczorów w DIFFERENT, w miesiącu to max. Straciła wzrok w wieku 10 lat. A teraz? Niesamowicie odważna, ambitna, wszechstronna młoda kobieta. Podróżnik z umiejętnościami żeglarza (sternika), sponsor trójki tybetańskich dzieci, technik masażysta, muzykoterapeutka, harfistka, świetnie mówi po angielsku, jeździ konno i na łyżwach, bohaterka filmu “Promyk”, który zdobył pierwszą nagrodę na festiwalu “Jacht film festiwal”. Prowadzi warsztaty z budowania zaufania, będzie mediatorem sądowym… To wszystko bez wzroku! Ulubiony cytat “podróżą jest całe moje życie”.


Agnieszka Żebrowska

Agnieszka is our team talker. She loves contact with guests, although in her private life she can also be shy. She has poor eyesight from birth. She quickly finds herself in new rooms, but her favorite place is her own home. There, she devotes herself to cooking, where Polish cuisine reigns supreme – and the tracking of technological novelties that are useful to blind and disabled people. Pupil of the School and Education Center in Laski. At work at DIFFERENT she values ​​contact with people and the lack of feeling of closed space.


Beata Staszek

Beata is a happy and open person. She infects us with her optimism and she’s always ready for action. She speaks English, Italian and Russian. She is a very active person, constantly develops her dance passions and her other skills. During adolescence, she lost her sight and despite the initial shock she immediately took matters into her own hands. She managed to finish school, started a family and found a job. As she says: “The thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction is direct contact with people”. She discovered her uniqueness during a 4-year stay in Moscow, where her husband jokingly told her that if the lights in the Moscow metro completely turn off, she will be the only person who will easily come to the surface :). That is why in DIFFERENT we combine her joy, love for people and deprive of social exclusion.


Marek Ptasiński

A waiter with extensive experience. He has worked in renowned hotels: Orbis, Hotel Mrągovia, Zajazd Napoleoński, Grand Hotel or Hotel Wera. As a result of diabetic complications, he lost his sight. He then started working at the computer and found interest in various types of radio contests. He loves bowling and has several sport awards from this discipline. His passion is historical books, in particular the conquests of Alexander of Macedon, Julius Caesar and the times of the great carthaginian leader Hanibal. Working in the DIFFERENT team is a challenge and enormous pleasure for him. It reminds him of the good times before losing sight. As an extremely contact person, we know that he is 100% professionally active – which can be seen from the reactions of our guests.


Wiola Borowska

She finished high school profiled with extended English language. She was a tourist traffic service technician, but due to the loss of her eyesight she never worked in the profession. She gained experience in telemarketing and as a sales representative in the cosmetics industry. In her free time she likes to listen to music and women’s audiobooks with criminal motifs. She really loves to dance and spend time at the water. The love of her life is a husband she has known since the age of 16 (for the sake of clarity, they met at the mountains – not by the sea) and a 15-year-old son – passionate about mountain biking! We started liked Wiola for her joy and courage in taking up challenges. It is very pleasant to talk to her, she has something soothing and warm in her voice. We hope you will have the opportunity to convince yourself about it.


Jacek Królikowski

He was a cook at the Conference and Training Center and the Radisson Blu Hotel in Warsaw. He was losing his eyesight since he was a child. Currently, he has 10% vision in one eye. He’s at work in a team, with a great distance to himself and the environment. His specific sense of humor has not only relieved tension in stressful moments. He is interested in motorization and medicine, despite the fact that he cannot drive a car or “perform surgery” himself. Parachute jumper and hang glider. Happy husband and father of 1.5 year old son. At work at DIFFERENT, he values ​​the fact that “nobody looks at his hands :)” and admires our President for her big heart and employing people with disabilities.

Manager of waitres team

Anna Sobczak

As a psychologist, she likes to observe people, their personalities and relationships. For a long time she worked in a law firm, where she could demonstrate her organizational skills. She’s characterized by high responsibility, freedom in establishing contacts and timeliness. In life, she “discovers new flavors and for her the worms aren’t dangerous”


Weronika Tomiczek

Irreplaceable help at the restaurant reception. Weronika is extremely accurate and attaches great importance to details. She does not like unfinished business and clutter in documents. A real treasure! Modest, patient and calm, and artistically talented. Earlier, she created of stained glass and mosaics. Now she likes good cinema, cooking together with friends and dancing from the “contact improvisation” trend. In life, she is guided by the principles of healthy, ecological life and she’s vegetarian for 4 years.


Anna Wyrzykowska

Ania has a gastronomic education. She gained experience, among others in the Banker’s Club on the Smolna street. She’s like element. She rode a motorbike, a bicycle, she swam. However, her health did not allow her to continue her passion and adrenaline. She currently spends time on reading and loves films with Kevin Costner. Extremely tactful, cheerful and creative person. She feels great in the kitchen and guest service. She specializes in meat and sauces. Thanks to this experience she will be a big support for the reception and waiter team. Welcome!


Zosia Minasz

Studentka 2 roku Technologii Żywności na SGGW. 10-krotna uczestniczka biegów WOŚP “Policz się z cukrzycą”. Zosia pochodzi z Podlasia, ale swoje życie wiąże ze stolicą. Jej marzeniem jest otwarcie kwiaciarnio-cukierni. Cenimy ją za ambicję, spokój  i skromność. Najczęściej czas wolny spędza z chłopakiem, razem próbują różnego rodzaju dań bezglutenowych, Zosi ulubionym są słodycze :). Szybko dostosowała się do Nas, pojętna, otwarta i potrafi zapamiętać 381 cyfr po przecinku liczby π ?!  TAK! TAK! 381 cyfr po przecinku…. Super, że jesteś Zosiu!


Grzegorz Kozłowski

Grzegorz has such a rich experience that it is difficult to collect in a few words. He is a volcano of energy, a full involved activist of many non-governmental organizations, among others: He was the Chairman of the Founders Council of the Polish Foundation for weakly hearing people (currently he’s the President of the Board this organization), the President of the Polish Forum of Disabled People, the Chairman and co-founder of association of aid deaf-blind people, member of the Social Consulting Board at the Management Board PFRON. Grzegorz is an inexhaustible source of ideas, sense of humor and extraordinary personality. He’s a precursor of the point alphabet for deaf-blind people, winner of the “Human without Barriers” competition. Curious of people and the world. Although he does not have hearing and vision, he is a fulfilled husband and a father of four children. He loves the High Tatras, as well as sunrises and sunsets. Together with his wife Renata, he promotes the idea of ​​retreat for deaf-blind people, co-organizing it since 2000.

Marketing Assistant

Marta Aleksandrowska

Marta is passionate about travel and trips to the unknown. She is a student of Social Communication and Public Relations at Warsaw based University of Finance and Management. Her motto is: people who want something look for ways, and people who don’t want anything – look for reasons. She infects you with her optimism and great organisational skills. She is planning to visit the sunny California in future and to organise a journey around the world for herself. Her professional plans are connected with marketing and her own event business.

Asystentka Zarządu

Claudia Martinez

Nasz międzynarodowy akcent w DIFFERENT. Studentka Technologii Żywności na SGGW w Warszawie. W jej żyłach płynie kolumbijska krew, a co za tym biegle mówi w jęz. hiszpańskim i angielskim. Ma smykałkę organizacyjną, z uporem dąży do wyznaczonych celów, opiekuńcza i zaangażowana w powierzone prace. Pasjonatka fantastyki, nurtu cosplay, sama szyje kostiumy i występuje na konwentach tematycznych. Rodzice zaszczepili w niej także miłość do tańca …ludowego… – dlatego obecnie można ją zobaczyć w Zespole Pieśni i Tańca SGH. Claudia – Witamy! Będzie Nam się super pracowało 🙂


Restaurant worker

Ewa Żbikowska

Seamstress, sales representative and nanny from experience. Currently, our irreplaceable support in the restaurant. Ewa was a pensioner already at the age of 21, the reason was rheumatic problems. Friends describe her as a very helpful person and we confirm this fact 100%! Her favorite activities is cooking, cleaning, tailoring and baking cakes. She’s emotional and loves people and children. Ewa has won our hearts from “first sight”. We are proud from fact, that she can be a part of the DIFFERENT team. But the most important is that she feels great with us.

Pracownik restauracji

Bożena Nowakowska

Bożenka wiele lat przepracowała jako bibliotekarka. To zamiłowanie do książek ma do dziś, szczególnie odnajduje się w literaturze psychologicznej i popularno-naukowej. Po ciężkiej  chorobie onkologicznej znalazła sens życia wśród swoich dorosłych dzieci, wnucząt i zwierząt domowych. W wolnych chwilach odpoczywa na działce. Jest osoba odpowiedzialną i obowiązkową. Cenimy w niej te cechy – ponieważ wiemy, że prace wykona z niezwykłą starannością, a przede wszystkim na czas. Witamy w zespole DIFFERENT Bożenko!

The founder of DIFFERENT

Anna Bocheńska

The President of Fundacja Pomocy Rodzinie „Człowiek w potrzebie” (Man in Need Family Help Foundation) and organiser of numerous charity and social events. Event & PR manager with extensive experience. Anna possesses tremendous organisational talent and knows how to win people over and is a true and powerful leader. She has been involved with the DIFFERENT project from its very beginnings/the concept. She fully supports the social mission of DIFFERENT and cannot imagine it functioning in any other way.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Ilona Kamieńska

Since 2012, Ilona has been in charge of the Foundation in Podlasie, cooperating with local government organisations there. She has vast experience in the event industry and in obtaining funds from various sources. She is involved in social and health promoting activities and is an IPMA (level D) Certified Project Manager. Her major assets include multi-tasking skills and calmness.