Music in the dark

DIFFERENT opens the door to musical experience in the dark. We organise concerts, recitals and meetings with live music in the dark.

We offer to you concerts, recitals and meetings with live music in pitch darkness. Due to the sharpened sense of hearing the listening experience naturally gains in quality.

This is challenging not only for the audience but also for the artists.

No musical genre is a problem for us. We’ll find artists to meet your aesthetic expectations and financial possibilities.

We currently offer:

"Black sounds in the darkness" - these are interactive concerts in complete darkness.

We will hear the standards of Polish and American pop music and soul & blues.

The musicians encourage the guests to sing and have fun together, and even dance - which in the conditions of complete darkness

is an exceptionally interesting experience.

For those in love and the shy, it is also possible to make wishes and love confessions with a song dedicated to the selected person.

Additional instruments may appear at our concerts: a harmonica or a violin.

We start with dinner in the dark
At the end of dinner (for dessert), the musicians'll join us.

The cost is 20 PLN / person. for the concert.