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Integration and educational activities at the Different restaurant adjacent to the famous Invisible Exhibition: Classes take place in complete darkness, are conducted during breakfast / dinner, between 9:00 and 16:00. The classes costs from 25 PLN gross, with lunch for a child aged 7-12, from 35 PLN for young people aged 13-18

Integration and educational activities at the Different restaurant adjacent to the famous Invisible Exhibition:

Classes take place in complete darkness, are conducted during breakfast / dinner, between 9:00 and 16:00. 

Classes costs 45 PLN. The price of dinner includes the main course, desert
and a pot of cold drink.

Why is it worth visiting the Different Restaurant:

The Different Restaurant is the only restaurant in Poland whose guests are served by Blind waiters. The restaurant is a business activity of the Human in Need Foundation. Profits are entirely intended for statutory purposes of the foundation, mainly for supporting impecunious families. By visiting our restaurant, you have a real impact on improving the quality of life of indigent families and support the employment of Blind people.

The opportunity to enjoy dishes in complete darkness is an unforgettable experience for both children, teenagers and teachers. In addition to amazing emotions, it is also the ability to deal with unknown and uncomfortable situations. Additional values ​​related to a visit to our restaurant:

  • building trust – entering the restaurant, we entrust ourselves to Blind waiters who become our guides. They bring us into the dark zone, taking care of safety, comfort and voice contact;
  • cooperation – cooperation between guests and blind waiters is important during a meal. Sitting at a table supporting each other, listening to the needs and words of the neighbors. It’s a sharing of emotions and flavors;
  • sensory integration – staying in the dark we engage and stimulate the senses of: smell – it’s stimulate the imagination, touch – thanks to which we discover the consistency of dishes, taste – which prompts and suggests what is on the plate, hearing – maintaining interactions and exchange of experiences between guests and waiter service;
  • tolerance – understanding and respect are built up during the time spent together. The very fact of participation, as well as the acceptance of an unusual situation, causes that we open the eyes of people for Blind people’s world. The total darkness and trust we give the other human shows how important tolerance and respect in creating a community is;
  • education – during a joint meal and dialogue, we get to know the world of Blind people, their sense of humor and openness to people. Thanks to new situations, we gain confidence and bigger trust in ourselves and the environment in which they are. It is also an ideal time to lecture on such values ​​as empathy, sensitivity, tolerance or social integration. It is a possibility of a direct conversation and a place to ask Blind people who eagerly participate in such lectures, opening sighted people to the world of the Blind.

What makes us diffrent:

  • uniqueness – we are the only restaurant in Poland, served by Blind waiters
  • location – we are in the heart of Warsaw (modern Atlas Tower skyscraper located at Warsaw’s Zawiszy Square – former Millennium Plaza building) Al. Jerozolimskie 123a (next to the Ochota railway station and a series of bus and tram lines
  • comfort – we have an air-conditioned restaurant space for 40 people in the main room and 12 seats in the smaller room
  • security – we fulfill all safety standards related to hosting guests in our restaurant
  • neighborhood – there is an Invisible Exhibition in our immediate vicinity


We invite to contact us to determine the needs and prepare an individual offer.

tel: +48 533 123 123

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