We are non-profit organization

Thanks to the economic activity - the Different restaurant, we can implement the statutory objectives of our Foundation for helping the family "Man in Need"

A foundation that helps people overcome the crisis. Currently, the activities are carried out in Warsaw.

Our activities are:

  1. Material assistance (food, hygiene products, medicines) for Warsaw families.
  2. A project to help selected families in cooperation with the Fenix Group (purchase of furniture, repairs, paid medical treatments, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, purchase of medicines and food, assistance in paying off debts)
  3. Targeting people who provide therapeutic and spiritual help.
  4. From March 2020 to June 2021, we ran the project # crisis meals - feeding Warsaw families by providing them with a wholesome two-course dinner.
  5. Since May 2022, we have served 10,000 two-course meals for refugees from Ukraine (project implementation in cooperation with MCPS)

Who do we help: people experiencing a broadly understood crisis (sudden loneliness, poor old age, death of a loved one who was the breadwinner, severe and chronic disease and lack of funds for treatment; permanent disability and illness in the family, accident and costs related to recovery; loss of job for reasons beyond the control of the person and inability to support oneself and the family; departure from the perpetrator of domestic violence)

How we help: We will offer help to all people who agree to meet at their place of residence and verify the situation.