a journey towards new experiences, filled to the brim with immensity of tastes and flavours. You’ll be taken on this journey by all your senses

...except for your sight

Let us surprise you!

The word different means – else, dissimilar, distinct… And that is exactly how the DIFFERENT restaurant may be described. It is a unique place where a meal is a sensual adventure.

The taste of meals which we cannot see is discovered anew and it awakens curiosity. Scents ignite imagination and stimulate us to detect what we are tasting. Touch enables us to recognise the consistency of dishes and also to feel the closeness of persons who are accompanying us in this incredible journey. Hearing lets us keep up interaction and exchange experiences while eating.

Cutting off visual stimuli brings about a real explosion of sensations experienced with other senses.


Let us guide you

The authenticity of experience that we create is our domain and thus in DIFFERENT we have guides who are thoroughly familiar with the dark. They are blind waiters who are well trained, courteous and always ready to help, you can follow them into the dark, blindly.

We’ll take you into the world of the blind, where beauty, joy and dreams exist and where the visual impairment is not an obstacle but a stimulus to develop other senses. There hasn’t been such a tasty meeting between our two worlds in Poland thus far.

We will not watch you using any surveillance devices so you can feel totally at ease.

Our mission

We are the foundation!

The DIFFERENT restaurant is a social economy enterprise run by the non-governmental organization NON profit.
We allocate all profits from the restaurant to charity work of our foundation Fundacja Pomocy Rodzinie "Człowiek w potrzebie"

By coming to us for dinner, you make a real contribution to helping the most needy families and single people living in Warsaw.

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