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DIFFERENT is an ideal place to plan and hold an unconventional business meeting. You will be positively surprised by the event we compose for you.

You can blindly go to the dark with us!


We have a banquet space for 50 people in the Main Room and our VIP room can accommodate 12.

The Millennium Plaza tower building houses also:

  •  the Invisible Exhibition located very close to DIFFERENT
  • very well-equipped conference rooms 10 – 90 m2
  • underground parking (254 spaces)
  • overground parking (254 spaces)


Services offered by DIFFERENT will satisfy the need for the out-of-the-ordinary experience, strong sensations and unusualness and the same time the desire to feel safe and be taken care of by specialists.

We offer you a possibility not only to taste sublime food but also to taste the world experienced by senses other than sight.

Smell awakens imagination and stimulates you to guess what you’re just eating.

Touch enables you to discover the consistency of dishes and also to feel close to persons accompanying you in this very special journey.

Hearing allows you to maintain interaction and exchange experience.

Taste helps you guess what you have on your plate and assess the quality of dishes.

The authenticity of experience that we create is our domain and thus in DIFFERENT we have guides who are thoroughly familiar with the dark.

We’ll not watch you using any surveillance devices so you can feel totally at ease. Your guides will be blind waiters who are well trained, courteous and always ready to help.


DIFFERENT is owned by the Man in Need Family Help Foundation. Entire profits are used for statutory tasks of the Foundation, mainly for supporting families in need.

While fulfilling a social mission we:

  1. Create jobs for visually impaired and foster social awareness through education and integration;
  2. Promote healthy life style – we focus on high quality of selected products. The food we serve is free of artificial additives, flavour enhancers and preservatives.


Impossible? Not at all! But how to build a team when you cannot see each other? Is it possible to collaborate, solve problems and perform tasks jointly in such extraordinary conditions?

In darkness people tend to be more relaxed and thus integration becomes easier and more enjoyable, with lots of laughter and energy. In the dark, simple games like hide-and-seek, pass me a brick or unmatched pairs – to name just a few – have a totally new dimension. They are challenging and highly entertaining and will be remembered for a long time.

Together with the Invisible Exhibition, we invite you to participate in an urban game in the dark. The participants move to a specially constructed installation (6 dark rooms imitating real life scenery) where deprived of sight – using only hearing, smell and touch – they have to cope with assigned tasks!


It’s an excellent idea for a very special and unique gift for your clients or guests or reward for your employees. The vouchers will be packed for you and delivered by courier to any place you wish.

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